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In this article you can learn 25 MCQ on CHEMISTRY will be based on the syllabus of Madhyamik Examination. It can help you to get more score in examination, to secure a good rank in JEXPO.


1.Which one of the following contains carbon?


    (a)  Graphite     (b)  Hematite
    (c)   Galena     (d)  Borax

ANS: – (a) Graphite

2. Petroleum is


    (a)  a compound      (b)  a mixture
    (c)  an element      (d)  one large molecule

ANS: – (b) a mixture


3. Which one is muriatic acid?


     (a)  HNO3     (b) H2S2O8
     (c)  HCl     (d) HF

ANS: – (a) HNO3


4. CNG contains:


     (a) 95% CH4      (b) 50% C2H6
     (c) 50% CO      (d) 90% C4H10

ANS: – (a) 95% CH4


5. Which one is used in welding industry?


     (a)  methane      (b) ethelene
     (c)  acetylene      (d) benzene

ANS: – (c) acetylene


6. Main consituents of methylated spirit


     (a) methanol      (b) ethanol
     (c) ethanol and methanol      (d) methanol and pyridine

ANS: – (b) ethanol


7. Which one an water pollutant containing chlorine :


     (a) detergent     (b) D.D.T
     (c) soap     (d) organic fertilizer

ANS: – (b) D.D.T


8. Al2O3 + 2NaOH = 2NaAlO2 + H2O. In this reaction which statement is correct?


     (a) Al2O3 is oxidized      (b) NaOH – oxidant
     (c) Al2O3 is reduced      (d) none of these

ANS: – (d) none of these


9. Protein is an


     (a) monomer      (b) polymer of same type of amino acid
     (c) polymer of different type of amino acid      (d) polymer of glucose

ANS: – (c) polymer of different type of amino acid


10. Which is physical change?


     (a)  burning of candle      (b) heating of limestone
     (c) heating of salammoniac      (d)  water added in quicklime

ANS: – (c) heating of salammoniac


11. Correct increasing order of basicity of oxides


     (a) Al2O3>MgO>SiO2>P2O5>NO      (b) MgO>Al2O3>P2O5>SiO2>NO
     (c) MgO>Al2O3>NO>SiO2>P2O5      (d) MgO>Al2O3>SiO2>NO>P2O5

ANS: – (c) MgO>Al2O3>NO>SiO2>P2O5


12. Which one is used to prepare Aspirin?


     (a) Benzene      (b) Phenol
     (c) Ethanol      (d) Acetaldehyde

ANS: – (b) Phenol


13. What is the valency of the element whose atomic no. is 14?


     (a) 2      (b) 3
     (c) 4      (d) 6

ANS: – (c) 4


14. CO2 gas passed through an aqueous suspension of chalk powder:


     (a) chalk dissolves      (b) does not dissolve
     (c) more precipitation occurs      (d) none of these

ANS: – (a) chalk dissolves




15. Which one is most stable?


     (a) Ca     (b) Ca2++
     (c) Cl     (d) Na

ANS: – (b) Ca2++


16. Aqua regia is


     (a) HCl:HNO3 (1:3)      (b) HCl:HNO3 (3:1)
     (c) H2SO4:HNO3 (1:3)      (d) HCl:HNO3 (4:3)

ANS: – (b) HCl : HNO3 (3:1)


17. Which one has highest dipole moment?


     (a) H2      (b) HF
     (c) HCl      (d)  HBr

ANS: – (b) HF


18. Which element reacts with NaOH solution to produce hydrogen?


     (a) Fe      (b) Cu
     (c) Si      (d) Cr

ANS: – (c) Si


19. Which two are isotopes?


     (a) O2, 8O16      (b) O3, 8O18
     (c) 8O16, 8O18      (d) O2, 8O17

ANS: – (c) 8O16, 8O18


20. Isotone are such atoms whose:


     (a) Mass number are equal      (b) Number of protons equal
     (c) Number of neutrons are equal      (d) Number of electrons equal

ANS: –   (c) Number of neutrons are equal


21. Which gas is responsible for acid rain?


     (a) SO2      (b) NH3
     (c) CO      (d) NO

ANS: – (a) SO2


22. Which one is the correct order of metallic property?


     (a) K>Na>Mg>Al     (b) Al>Mg>Na>Mg
     (c) Mg>K>Na>Al     (d) Na>K>Mg>Al

ANS: – (a) K>Na>Mg>Al


23. Which one is greatest harmful air pollutant?


     (a) CO2      (b) CO
     (c) NO      (d) NO2

ANS: – (b) CO


24. Which group of the periodic table contain solid, liquid and gaseous these three type of elements?


     (a)  fifth      (b) sixth
     (c) seventh      (d) zero

ANS: – (c) seventh


25. Which element has no isotope?


     (a) Ca      (b) F
     (c) Na      (d) Cl

ANS: – (b) F

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