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1. Which one of the following is unsaturated compound?


     (a)   C6H14     (b) C6H6
     (c)   C3H10     (d) C4H9OH

ANS: – (b) C6H6

2. Compound obtained by fractional distillation of coal-tar


    (a)  Benzene      (b)  Glucose
    (c)  Vinegar      (d) Butadiene

ANS: – (a)  Benzene


3. Which substance is used for distinguishing between Ethane and Ethelene?


     (a)  dil. KMnO4 solution     (b) H2/Ni
     (c) conc. H2SO4     (d) AgNO3 soltion

ANS: – (a) dil. KMnO4 solution


4. Which one is liquid Gold?


     (a) Molten Gold      (b) Ethanol
     (c) Petroleum      (d) Mercury

ANS: – (c) Petroleum


5. Which oxide possess greatest basic character?


     (a)  Na2O      (b) MgO
     (c)  CO2      (d) Al2O3

ANS: – (a)  Na2O


6. Which group elements of the periodic table have strong oxidizing property :


     (a) 1st group      (b) 6th group
     (c) 7th group      (d) 8th group

ANS: – (c) 7th group


7. Which metal forms blue coloured salt?


     (a) Fe      (b) Ca
     (c) Cu      (d) Ba

ANS: – (c) Cu


8. Which oxide gives both oxidizing and reducing property?


     (a) SO2      (b) ZnO
     (c) CaO      (d) Na2O

ANS: – (c) CaO


9. Which crystal contains maximum water of crystalisation?


     (a) Blue Vitriol      (b) Green Vitriol
     (c) White Vitriol      (d) Alum

ANS: – (d) Alum


10.  Which one is a petroleum product?


     (a)  Butane      (b) Ethanol
     (c) Benzene      (d)  Phenol

ANS: – (a) Butane


11. Which pair react to produce a liquid?


     (a) Fe and S      (b) Fe and O2
     (c) C and S      (d) C and O2

ANS: – (c) C and S


12. Which one reacts with alkali to produce H2?


     (a) S      (b) Ni
     (c) B      (d) P

ANS: – (c) B


13. Natural Gas mainly contains :


     (a) CHCl3      (b) C2H2
     (c) CH4      (d) C2H6

ANS: – (c) CH4


14. Two gas jar one containing NH3 another H2S. Which reagent you use to identify them?


     (a) NaCO3 solution      (b) HCl solution
     (c) wet litmus paper      (d) H2SO4

ANS: – (c) wet litmus paper




15. Which substance is used to produce passive Iron?


     (a) N2      (b) Carbon
     (c) Conc. H2SO4      (d) Fuming HNO3

ANS: – (d) Fuming HNO3


16. Which one is an essential amino acid?


     (a) Glycine      (b) Valine
     (c) Alanine      (d) phenyl glycine

ANS: – (b) Valine


17. Which one of the following bio-molecule contains magnesium?


     (a) chlorophyll      (b) hemoglobin
     (c) vitamin B12      (d)  RNA

ANS: – (a) chlorophyll


18. Which air pollutant gas is obtained by burning PVC tyres and tubes :


     (a) CO2      (b) HCl
     (c) SO2      (d) CO

ANS: – (b) HCl


19. Whose solubility increase by increase of pressure :


     (a) NaCl      (b) Glycerol
     (c) CaSO4      (d) CO2

ANS: – (d) CO2


20. Which property of the element is not periodic?


     (a) Electronegativity      (b) Metallic property
     (c) Non-metallic property      (d) Radioactivity

ANS: – (d) Radioactivity


21. Protium (1H1), Deutrium (1H2) and Tritium (1H3) are:


     (a) Isotopes      (b) Isobar
     (c) Isotone      (d) Allotrope

ANS: – (a) Isotopes


22. Which is the volume of 8gm Oxygen at STP?


     (a) 22.4 litres      (b) 2.24 litres
     (c) 0.56 litres      (d) 5.6 litres

ANS: – (d) 5.6 litres


23. Which one is not a compound?


     (a) Marsh Gas      (b) Water Gas
     (c) Gas Carbon      (d) Natural Gas

ANS: – (c) Gas Carbon


24. Aqueous solution of which one is acidic?


     (a)  Urea      (b) ammonium sulphate
     (c) glucose      (d) slaked lime

ANS: – (b) ammonium sulphate


25. Which metal to be mixed with Iron to produce stainless steel?


     (a) Cr      (b) Mn
     (c) Ni      (d) Pd

ANS: – (a) Cr

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